Country Of Origin England
Born 1801
Died 1867
Birth/Baptism Born approx. 1801, London, England
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watch Spring Maker
Work Locations No record found working in his trade in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)
Marriage/Spouse 1 January 1838, Hobart, to Mary Ann Brown
Trial 23 March 1820, Surrey Lent Assizes
Sentence Transportation for life for theft
Arrival September 1820, Sydney, New South Wales, on the convict ship, Shipley.
28 October 1820, Van Diemen’s Land on the Guildford
Police Number 230
Convict Assignment
Ticket of Leave August 1834
Conditional Pardon September 1837
Other Other skills recorded: labourer, sail maker, carter.

While serving his sentence, George was charged with neglect of duty, being absent from muster and out after hours, using a Government water cart for his gain, and sheltering a runaway convict from Macquarie Harbour.
Punishments included stints on the treadwheel, extra labour time, and returned to Public Works.

24 May 1841: Free Pardon

Death Possibly 31 January 1867, Launceston,
(recorded as a 67-year-old carter, cause of death – dropsy),
this may be the same George Winchester.
TAHO: CON31/1/45, CON23/1/3, CON13/1/2, RGD36/1/3 no4109 Marriage 1838; RGD32/1/3 no2 Birth 1839, RGD35/1/36 no246 Death 1867.
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Colonial Times 26 August 1834; Launceston Courier 7 June 1841.