Country Of Origin Ireland
Born 1777
Died 1849
Birth/Baptism Born approx. 1777, Ireland
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Clockmaker, Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
Macquarie Street, Hobart
Collins Street, Hobart
Trial 13 March 1811, Essex Assizes, England
22 October 1844, Hobart Supreme Court
Sentence 1811: Transportation for life for shop burglary
1844: Seven-year sentence including two years at Port Arthur for ‘feloniously receiving three silver spoons.’
Arrival January 1812, Port Jackson, New South Wales, on the convict ship Guildford
February 1812, Van Diemen’s Land on the ship, Ruby. The detachment of the 73rd Regiment and newly appointed Commandant of Hobart Town, Major Andrew Geils were also aboard.
Police Number 19
Ticket of Leave April 1817, then issued and revoked several times
Other The Hobart Town Gazette & Southern Reporter 3 August 1816:
‘Five Pounds Reward. Lost or mislaid, a silver watch, Maker’s name Thomas Beatton, London, No. 8576. Any person who will bring it to John Williamson, Watchmaker, Macquarie Street, shall receive the above reward of five pounds.’

August 1819: Relocated his watch, clock, and jewellery business to Collins Street at Mr Rennie’s, opposite the Veranda House.1823: Charged with embezzling watches.
1829: Returned to the government for keeping a seal from a watch he was repairing.
1830: Three months in irons for indecently exposing himself and being absent from muster.
1832: Charged with embezzling a silver watch but was not charged because he returned it to the owner.
November 1833: Twelve months on the Sorell road party for taking rum into the hospital.1

1844: Colonial sentence, sent to Port Arthur.

John’s convict conduct records have many offences recorded. Punishments included lashings, hard labour in chains, stints on the treadwheel, and being deprived of his ticket of leave.

Last entry on convict conduct record, ‘absconded 1849’.

Death Died: Possibly 24 May 1849, New Norfolk, recorded as a 72-year-old pauper.
Cause of death: ‘Debilitas’
TAHO: CON31/1/45, CON32/1/1, CON35/1/1, CON23/1/3, CON13/1/1.
Suffolk Chronicle 23 March 1811 (British Newspaper Archive); Sydney Gazette & New South Wales Advertiser 1 February 1812, 8 February 1812; Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter 3 August 1816, 19 April 1817, 21 August 1819; Hobart Town Courier 13 January 1837; Cornwall Chronicle March 1844.