Name Josiah WILKINS
Country Of Origin Australia
Born 1846
Died 1875
Birth/ Baptism Born 18 March 1846, Launceston
Parents Isaac and Esther Wilkins (formerly Arnold)
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Launceston
Street Address
Charles Street, Launceston
Marriage/Spouse 8 December 1870 at the residence of Charles Sparrow, Thomas Street, Launceston, to Mary Esther Rankin.
Charles Sparrow was the husband of Josiah’s sister Selina. Watchmaker and nephew John Sparrow was one of the witnesses.
Other From approx. 1866: Charles Street, (near York Street), Launceston.

The Examiner (Launceston) 2 February 1875:
‘Mr John Sparrow intimates that he has purchased the stock of the late Mr Josiah Wilkins, and will continue the watchmaking business in the same premises.’

About six months after Josiah’s death, his estate was declared bankrupt. Court hearings to finalise the estate continued until late 1877.

Death 18 January 1875, recorded as a 29-year-old watchmaker
Cause of death: Haemorrhage from the nose
TAHO: RGD33/1/23 no1177 Birth 1846, RGD37/1/29 no480 Marriage 1870, RGD35/1/44 no2584 Death 1875, AD960/1/11 1875.
The Examiner (Launceston) 28 December 1866, 8 January 1870, 2 February 1875, 11 December 1875, 15 April 1876; Cornwall Chronicle 12 December 1870, 20 January 1875, 15 October 1875; The Mercury (Hobart) 5 July 1876.