Name William WHARTON
Country Of Origin England
Born 1807
Died unknown
Birth/Baptism Born approx. 1807, Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker
Work Locations No record found working in his trade in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)
Trial 14 April 1831, Lancaster Borough Sessions
Sentence Life transportation for stealing a turkey and hen from a workhouse (with Mary Cawson), the property of Overseers of the poor in Lancaster.
William had previously been imprisoned at Lancaster Castle four times, and he and Mary had been occasional workhouse inmates. They were found guilty and transported to Van Diemen’s Land.
Arrival 15 November 1831 on the convict ship, Strathfieldsay
Police Number 1320
Convict Assignment
Ticket of Leave 20 May 1842
Conditional Pardon 4 December 1849
Other Held on the hulk Justitia at Woolwich before transportation.

Other skills recorded: labourer.

Approx. 1831-1840: Assigned to Mr William Young, Hobart.
While assigned to Young, William’s offences included insolence, being out after hours, drunk and gross misconduct. As a result, he was punished with stints on the treadmill, time in a cell on bread and water, lashings, and hard labour in chains.

Colonial Times 9 June 1840:
‘William Wharton, assigned to Mr Young, was charged by his mistress with gross misconduct, in having purposely upset the carriage, with her children inside; and when she spoke to him about it, having struck at her with an umbrella. He was ordered six months hard labour in chains. [Serve him right. – Ed].’

He was sent to the Campbell Town chain gang.

Death unknown
TAHO: CON31/1/46, CON27/1/5, CON18/1/19, CON34/1/3.
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