Country Of Origin England
Born 1815
Died 1879
Birth/Baptism Born approx. 1815, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker
Work Locations No record found working in his trade in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)
Trial 28 March 1838, Court Martial, Jamaica
22 July 1862, Hobart Town Supreme Court
Sentence 1838: Transportation for life for mutiny and striking a sergeant
1862: Sentenced to be hanged, commuted to penal servitude for life for committing an ‘unnatural crime’.
Arrival 12 January 1840 on the convict ship, Canton
Police Number 2762
Convict Assignment
Ticket of Leave 11 March 1851, and revoked and reissued
Conditional Pardon 26 May 1857
Other 1840: On arrival in Van Diemen’s Land, John was recorded as having been a watchmaker for four years.

1840s: Absconded a few times; punishments handed out were hard labour in chains, and in 1848, he was sent to Norfolk Island for two years.

22 July 1862 Hobart Town: Sentence to be hanged commuted to penal servitude for life. He was sent to Port Arthur and noted on his convict record is:
‘Never again to be permitted at large, see Judge’s report.’

1877: Possibly issued a ticket-of-leave and may be the John Sumners, who died in 1879 at the Brickfields Pauper Establishment, recorded as a 65-year- old labourer, born in England.

Death 6 July 1879, Hobart

Burial: 8 July 1879, pauper’s grave, Hobart Town Public Cemetery

TAHO: CON31/1/41, CON37/1/9, CON18/1/5, CON27/1/8, CON34/1/9, AB693/1/1 & SC32/1/8 1862, RGD35/1/9 no1971 Death 1879, AF35/1/1 (BU2526) 1879.
Web: Founders & Survivors convict database.
Britannia & Trades’ Advocate 11 June 1846.