Country Of Origin England
Born 1868
Died 1944
Birth/ Baptism Born approx. 1868, London, England
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship London, England
Skills Clockmaker, Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart, Launceston
Street Address
110 Liverpool Street, Hobart
131 St John Street, Launceston
129 St John Street, Launceston
119 Brisbane Street, Launceston
41 George Street, Launceston
43 George Street, Launceston
91 Cameron Street, Launceston
Marriage/Spouse Jane Stewart
Other Late 1890: Watchmaking and jewellery business, 110 Liverpool Street, Hobart.

By early 1893: Opened business, 131 St John Street, Launceston.
January 1896: Temporarily traded at 129 St John Street for a few months following fire damage from a neighbouring business.

February 1902: Opened a second premises, 119 Brisbane Street.
February 1911: Advised customers all repairs could be collected from Frederick T Williams, Watchmaker and Manufacturing Jeweller, 134 Brisbane Street.

By early 1910s: Business at 41 George Street.
1913: Fire alarm invention using a mechanism from an alarm clock.

The Examiner (Launceston) 19 October 1923:
‘Among the interesting articles manufactured in Launceston is one now on view at Mr J Stevens, Watchmaker and Jeweller, of 43 George Street.
A Master Electric Clock made entirely on the premises, this clock is of the very finest workmanship, and much time and ingenuity has been spent on it by Mr Stevens. The clock contains a compensation pendulum which keeps the clock to accurate time during changes of temperature. The special feature of this clock is that no winding is required, and it derives its title of “Master Clock” from the fact that it controls if linked by any number of clocks in the city, in whatever position they are. Electric impulses are transmitted every half minute to the sub-dials. The public are cordially invited to inspect this unique piece of work, solely manufactured on the premises.’

February 1928: Moved to 91 Cameron Street, near Charles Street.
1929-1932: Also advertising at 43 George Street.
August 1932: Moved to 60 Charles Street, National Corner.

John and Jane had two sons, Charles and Wilfred. Wilfred followed in his father’s trade of watchmaking.

Death 24 September 1944, at his residence, 121 Charles Street, Launceston
Tasmania Post Office Directory 1899.
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