ROBE James

Name James ROBE
Country Of Origin England
Born 1800
Died 1863
Birth/ Baptism Born approx. 1800, Houghton, Huntingdonshire, England
Parents William and Mary Robb (formerly Housden)
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Launceston, Hobart
Street Address
Charles Street, Launceston
Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse 18 January 1820, Huntingdon, to Elizabeth Phillips (d. 1 July 1853).

1854, Victoria, to widow Eliza Moore (formerly Richards).

Arrival 26 August 1836, Launceston on the ship Amelia Thompson
Other Also known as James Robb.

England: Weaver and rope maker by trade.James was employed after arrival by Andrew Birrell, then went on to open a rope, line, and twine manufacturing business in Launceston.
June 1838: Relocated business to upper Charles Street, Launceston.

September 1839: Business partnership. Robe and Porter advertised for one or two good watchmakers, offering good wages and constant employment.
April 1840: Petitioned to the Lieutenant-Governor Sir John Franklin for assistance in obtaining skilful workmen for his business.
1840: Employed convict ticket of leave holder William Slater.

Approx. June 1842: Moved from Launceston to Hobart and left all watch repairs with watchmaker Joseph Doiron.
August 1842: Opened business, Elizabeth Street (near the Ship Inn), Hobart, and offered clock, watch, jewellery, and musical instrument repairs.
December 1842: Secured the employment of a first-rate workman who had just arrived from London.
1846: Convict watchmaker Charles Salmon was assigned to James Robe.

March 1847: James and Elizabeth Robe and their six children departed Van Diemen’s Land on the Flying Fish, bound for Melbourne, Victoria. Eldest son William remained in Hobart Town until about June 1848, and second daughter Mary also stayed in Hobart Town and married convict watchmaker Colin Bain in 1848.

Death 7 July 1863, Stratford, East Gippsland, Victoria.
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