Country Of Origin England
Born 1791
Died 1853
Birth/Baptism Born 4 February 1791, London, England
Bapt. 1 March 1791, St Sepulchre, London
Parents Charles (clock and watchmaker) and Ann Puckridge (formerly Boyles)
Apprenticeship With his father
Skills Clockmaker, Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart, Launceston
Street Address
Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Charles Street, Launceston (opposite the Commercial Bank)
Marriage/Spouse 2 September 1846, Baptist Chapel, York Street, Launceston, to Mary Ann Smith (22yo).
James was recorded as 48 years old, but would have been 55.
Officiating minister: Henry Dowling.
Trial 4 December 1816, Central Criminal Court, London
Sentence Seven years transportation for stealing one handkerchief worth sixpence, the property of engraver Henry Green, Goswell Street, London.
Arrival August 1817, New South Wales, on the convict ship, Almorah
September 1817, Van Diemen’s Land, on the Pilot
Police Number 21
Convict Assignment Constable
Other George Graham, renowned clockmaker, watchmaker, and inventor, was the uncle of James’ paternal grandmother.

1820s: James was appointed a constable at George Town.
Court appearances and subscriber listings regarding the construction of a Wesleyan Church place him in Launceston.

1822: Excerpt from the will of his father, Charles Puckridge, watchmaker of Goldsmith Street, Gough Square, near Fleet Street in the Parish of Saint Bridge, London:
‘I give and bequeath to my son James Puckridge now abroad, all my working tools, movements and watch hands.’

1826: James was among the party led by surveyor and explorer John Charles Darke in January 1826 involved in the pursuit and apprehension of Thomas Jefferies, convict bushranger, murderer, and cannibalist. Jefferies was sentenced to death and hung at the old Hobart Gaol on 4 May 1826, the same day as bushrangers Matthew Brady, Patrick Bryant, John Perry, and John Thompson. Because of his involvement and presence at the capture of Jefferies, James took the opportunity to apply for a land grant. The application was unsuccessful as Commandant Colonel William Balfour thought James did not have the means to farm land despite owning four bullocks.

1831: Possibly at Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

December 1845: James advertised he had been in Launceston as a clock and watchmaker for 28 years, dating back to his arrival in 1817. This places him as one of Launceston’s earliest clock and watchmakers.
Like many other convicts with trades, James probably undertook clock and watchmaking work before occupying premises and having the means to advertise.

January 1846: James warned the public from buying electroplated watch guards claimed to be pure silver.

28 February 1846: James Puckridge and Mary Ann Smith (convict, per Gilbert Henderson) were granted permission to marry.

Cornwall Chronicle 25 November 1846:
‘My Spouse and I — Mr Puckeridge and Mrs Puckeridge, the former an ancient-looking Horologist of the town, and the lady young, blooming, and good-looking, yesterday had an audience of Mr Tarleton at the police office — the object of which was, to procure Mrs Puck a temporary asylum in the large establishment near the Cataract, to prevent the possibility of her patronizing the “Olympic games” to which the venerable Benedict has an unaccountable objection. The police magistrate having no objection to the Horologist’s request, directed one of the “servants” of the police to escort the fair “Mary Ann” to her new “lodgings” taken for a term of “three months” — certain.’
[Note: the large establishment near the Cataract was the Female House of Corrections]

1847: Applied for ‘protection against being annoyed by Mrs Puckridge.’

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Death 23 September 1853, Fyans Street, South Geelong, Victoria

Burial: Unmarked grave, Geelong Eastern Cemetery, Victoria (old Church of England section)

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