OWEN John (senior)

Name John (senior) OWEN
Country Of Origin Wales
Born 1826
Died 1888
Birth/Baptism Born approx. 1826, Wales
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Clockmaker, Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart, Longford
Street Address
48 Murray Street, Hobart
11 Marlborough Street, Longford
Marriage/Spouse 1 September 1853, St Andrews Scots Church, Hobart, to
Mary Rankin (d. 1860).
Trial 20 March 1844, Anglesey County Assizes, Wales
Sentence Fourteen years commuted to seven years transportation for stealing a sheet of copper, stave, hammer, and a dowelling machine from her Majesty’s Stores at Holyhead, North Wales.
Arrival 20 November 1844 on the convict ship, William Jardine (1)
Police Number 14841
Convict Assignment 1846: James Robe, watchmaker, Liverpool Street, Hobart.
1847: James D Toosey, grazier, Cressy.
Ticket of Leave 31 July 1849, revoked October 1850.
Other On arrival, John spoke Welsh.
Twelve months probation: Oyster Cove.

1846: John was assigned to James Robe, watchmaker of Liverpool Street, Hobart for six months. Missing valuable tools, wheels, and other watch parts were found under John’s bed, and he was charged with robbing his master and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment and hard labour. He claimed he was innocent.

1847: Assigned to grazier James D Toosey, Cressy.October 1850: Launceston, Sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and hard labour in chains at Impression Bay for a felony committed.

29 November 1851: Notification of John’s expiration of his sentence was published in The Cornwall Chronicle.

1856: Worked at 48 Murray Street, Hobart.

Approx. 1860s: Relocated to Longford and started business at 11 Marlborough Street.

1886: Rev. John Owen from North Wales arrived in Tasmania and was met at the station by fellow countryman and namesake John Owen, watchmaker of Marlborough Street, Longford, who showed him around the district during his brief visit.

November 1887: Due to ill health, John senior transferred his entire business to his son John.

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Death 7 January 1888 at his residence, Longford
TAHO: CON33/1/62, CON18/1/43, CON14/1/30, RGD37/1/12 no628 Marriage 1853, RGD33/1/6 no12 Birth 1856, RGD35/1/29 no733 Death 1860 [Mary Owen], RGD35/1/57 no388 Death 1888.
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