ORMEROD Lionel Edgar

Name Lionel Edgar ORMEROD
Country Of Origin Australia
Born 1892
Died 1981
Birth/ Baptism Born 10 January 1892, Footscray, Victoria
Parents Lionel (watchmaker and jeweller) and Emma Hayles Ormerod (formerly Slater)
Apprenticeship With his father
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Burnie
Street Address
Wilson Street, Burnie
Marriage/Spouse 3 November 1924, Burnie Baptist Church, to Eliza (Lila) Joyce, daughter of Edward and Fanny Joyce.
Arrival By 1922, Burnie.
Other Lionel Edgar worked with his father until his death in 1919 in Footscray, Melbourne.

By 1922: Moved to Burnie, employer Edward Joyce, his future father-in-law.

The Advocate 14 February 1935:
‘Mr Lionel Ormerod suffered painful injuries to his face yesterday afternoon, when working with a methylated spirits lamp at Joyce’s jewellery shop. He was making a drill for use in his work when the wick of the lamp flew up, and methylated spirits was splashed in his face. The spirits ignited, and practically all the skin on his face was burned off. He was rushed to a doctor, and after receiving attention was ordered to bed, where he will have to remain for several days.’

‘Edgar remained a watchmaker at Joyce’s until his retirement. His community involvement during this time included a member of the Horological Guild, a foundation member of St. Johns Ambulance, Secretary of the Burnie Tourist Association, a Rechabite Society member, and a deacon at Burnie Baptist Church. He was also responsible for maintaining the Burnie Town Hall Clock for many years. He resided in Melbourne to be near his daughter and her husband in his later years. Lionel was 89 when he died in 1981’.
(Andrew Johnston, grandson)

Death 1981, Box Hill, Victoria
TAHO: RGD33/1/87 no417 Birth 1899 [Eliza Faith Mahalah Joyce].
Andrew Johnston (grandson) to Sallie Mulligan, email, 13 December 2018.
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