NIELSON Olaf (Oliver)

Name Olaf (Oliver) NIELSON
Country Of Origin Denmark
Born 1853
Died 1936
Birth/ Baptism Born 21 February 1853, Copenhagen, Denmark
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship Denmark
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
80 Collins Street, Hobart
111 Liverpool Street, Hobart
135 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse 9 March 1891 at the residence of Rev. Sharp, Hobart,
to Ina Adelaide Briggs
Other Previous work experience: London, France, Switzerland, Germany, and South Africa.

Approx. late 1880s: Employer, William Golding (two years).

February 1888: Advertised at 80 Collins Street opposite the Ship Hotel.

February 1903: Naturalisation.

1905: Oliver was forced to find new premises and leave his location of 18 years in Collins Street, which was known well for the clock in the window. The row of old-fashioned shops in Collins Street was demolished to make way for ‘more modern and commodious premises.’ The business relocated to 111 Liverpool Street and advertised jewellery, Tasmanian souvenirs, and several brands of watches. The Mercury reported that Mr O Nielson ‘intends shortly to re-erect the clock for the convenience of the residents.’

By December 1910: Advertised at 135 Liverpool Street.

Known employees:
Ernest Thomas Newton (5 years), approx. mid 1890s.
Arthur Speedwell Egelantine Schofield (5 years), approx. early 1900s.
Eric Leonard Hargraves, from approx. 1912.
After Oliver Nielson’s death in 1936, Eric remained with Nielson’s and was in charge of the repair department until he retired in 1962.
(see Daphne Olga Nielson)

1906-1934: Hobart Post Office Clock maintenance.

Graham Mulligan has collected Tasmanian Government Railway (T.G.R.) marked and numbered pocket watches with Nielson’s name on the dial, indicating he was one of their suppliers.

Death 10 August 1936, 135 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Graham Mulligan collection.
Tasmania Post Office Directory (Wise) 1890-1901.
TAHO: CSD22/1/67/88 Naturalisations 1903, RGD37/1/50 no402 Marriage 1891, AF35/1/3, AF70/1/58 1936, AD960/1/60 1936.
Tasmanian News 9 February 1888, 18 August 1888, 11 April 1891, 7 March 1904, 29 June 1905, 13 December 1910; The Examiner (Launceston) 28 March 1910; The Mercury (Hobart) 1 July 1905, 12 July 1905, 25 October 1924, 30 August 1934, 13 August 1936.