MORRISON Alexander

Name Alexander MORRISON
Country Of Origin England
Born 1792
Died 1838
Birth/ Baptism Born 9 December 1792, London, England
Bapt. 3 January 1793, Stepney, London, England
Parents Alexander and Elizabeth Morrison
Apprenticeship David Alexander Bucquet, London
Skills Watchmaker
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
Liverpool Street, Hobart
Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Corner Melville & Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse 24 August 1816, St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, to Sarah Cox
Arrival 1821, Hobart on the ship Lusitania
Other Work location, England: Commercial Road, Whitechapel, London

December 1821: Advertised taking the late residence of Dr Luttrell, Liverpool Street, opposite the Colonial Hospital and ‘All kinds of Duplex, Lever, Horizontal, and repeating watches carefully repaired. Jewellery, made and repaired.’

March 1822: Moved business from Liverpool Street to Elizabeth Street.
March 1823: Advertised selling ‘fashionable silver watches’ recently imported from England.

July 1827: Relocated the business to a new building adjoining his former residence on the corner of Melville and Elizabeth Streets.

December 1834: Alexander and Sarah were severely injured when thrown from their carriage descending the upper end of Elizabeth Street, Hobart. Alexander suffered a broken arm and severe bruising.

February 1838: License of the Black Prince transferred from Alexander Morrison to James Wilde.

October 1838: Following Alexander’s death, his property was auctioned; a public house on the corner of Melville and Elizabeth Streets (formerly known as the Black Prince) and two shops adjoining Elizabeth Street.

Approx. 1822-1823: John Frampton
Approx. 1831: John Barker
Approx. 1835: Edward Johnson

Death 9 February 1838, Hobart
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