Name Hugh McGEDY
Country Of Origin England
Born Approx. 1798
Died 1869
Birth/Baptism Approx. 1798, London, England
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker
Work Locations Campbell Town
Street Address
Marriage/Spouse 28 September 1847, Church of St Josephs, Launceston, to 40-year-old widow Mary Ann Kane (Hugh, 49-year-old watchmaker).
Trials 27 March 1820, Taunton Lent Assizes, Somerset
2 November 1824, Hobart
26 September 1834, Hobart
Sentences 1820: Seven years transportation for stealing a gold watch chain

1824: Seven years transportation for sentence stealing a writing desk, tea caddy, and other items, the property of Richard Brownlow of the Waterloo Inn.

1834: Seven years transportation for stealing one gold watch, aware that it was stolen property

Arrival 28 December 1820 on the convict ship, Juliana
Police Number 210
Convict Assignment
Free Certificate 1841
Other 1824 and 1834: Colonial trials and sentences (see above).

Approx. December 1834: Sent to Port Arthur.
While at Port Arthur, Hugh was punished for possessing tobacco, misappropriating government materials, insubordination, and disturbing the peace. Punishments included solitary confinement on bread and water, and hard labour on chain gangs.

By June 1840, Hugh was in Avoca, charged with being drunk and disorderly in unsavoury company, and sentenced to two months in gaol and hard labour.

January 1857: Listed with other residents of Campbell Town, calling a public meeting regarding a proposed tariff.

The Mercury (Hobart) 5 April 1921:
‘The Centenary of Campbell Town.
Picturesque Township Characters.
There was Hugh McGiddey, the watchmaker, who in addition to making the wheels go round, fingered the violin with more than ordinary skill.’

16 July 1869: Admitted to Hobart General Hospital.
Disease recorded: ‘debility’

Death 20 July 1869, Hobart General Hospital, Hobart, recorded as a 78-year-old watchmaker, but according to English records, was more likely in his early 70s.
TAHO: CON31/1/5, SC32/1/1 Court 1824 [McGiddy], CSO3/1/2 [McGeddy], RGD37/1/6 no1280 Marriage 1847 [McGiddy], HSD145/1/1 1869, RGD35/1/7 no7966 Death 1869 [McGeddy].
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