LAZARUS Lewis Henry

Name Lewis Henry LAZARUS
Country Of Origin Wales
Born 1811
Died 1880
Birth/Baptism Born 17 April 1811, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Bapt. 24 April 1811, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Parents Jacob and Elizabeth Lazarus
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Clockmaker, Watchmaker, Jeweller, Chronometer Maker
Work Locations Hobart, Launceston
Street Address
Elizabeth Street, Hobart (opposite Police Office)
Charles Street, Launceston
46 Liverpool Street, Hobart
62 Liverpool Street, Hobart
78 Liverpool Street, Hobart
51 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Franklin Wharf, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse Hannah Isaacs
Trial 1 and 15 May 1837, Hobart Supreme Court
Sentence Two life sentences for forging and uttering a bill of exchange with intent to defraud.
Arrival August 1830: New South Wales from London on the ship Wave with his wife Hannah.
July 1832: Hobart from Sydney on the ship Marianne with his wife and two children.
Police Number 1064
Convict Assignment
Ticket of Leave 7 April 1849
Conditional Pardon 4 May 1852
Other 1820s: Recorded as a clock and watchmaker, Carmarthen, Wales.

September 1832: Advertised opening business in Hobart.
1833: Convict clock and watchmaker John Webb was assigned to Lewis.
August 1833: Received an Astronomical Regulator from England, known for its accuracy.
February 1834: Imprisoned in His Majesty’s Gaol, Hobart Town for debt.

July 1834: Opened business, Charles Street, Launceston.
March 1835: L H Lazarus advertised raffling an eight-day Capital clock made by a renowned manufacturer in Launceston.

May 1836: Licensee, Green Gate Inn, Sandhill, Launceston.
September 1836: Insolvency (innkeeper).

1 and 15 May 1837: Hobart Supreme Court, sentenced to transportation for life twice for forging and issuing an order for £145 with the intent to defraud. His wife, Hannah, and three children lived in Hobart Town. Two daughters, Clara (three years old) and Mary Ann (four years old), were admitted to the Orphan School at New Town on 1 July 1837.

Lewis was sent to Port Arthur for three years, a place of punishment he was sent back and forth to until about 1846. His convict conduct record shows many instances of misconduct, disobedience, and idleness.

November 1840: Falsely represented himself as a solicitor and was punished with six months of hard labour and returned to the government.
July 1841: Pawned a watch given to him for repair, punished with hard labour in chains, and recommended to be sent to Port Arthur.
January 1844: The Lieutenant Governor ordered Lewis Lazarus to be removed from Port Arthur and to enter service as a first-class pass holder.
January 1846: Insolvent. Found not guilty of forgery but ordered to serve a probation period of six months at Port Arthur.

1846: Lewis and Hannah’s daughters were discharged from the Queens Orphan School, New Town; Mary Ann on 8 March and Clara on 22 October.

1850: Business, 46 Liverpool Street, Hobart.
January 1854: A destructive fire extensively damaged business premises at 46 Liverpool Street, and by May of the same year, the building was sold by tender.
By approx. August 1855: Relocated to 62 Liverpool Street.
April 1856: Advertised a half-price sale with the intent to focus solely on watch repairs.
1857: Insolvency.

1859: Business, 78 Liverpool St.
April 1859: The Great Fire in Liverpool Street, which may have started at the premises of Lazarus located next door to clock and watchmaker William Cole, destroyed the business premises.

1861 England Census: Lewis, 48-year-old retired watchmaker, recorded with Hannah and children Clara and Chapman.

1862: L H Lazarus advertised at 51 Liverpool St, Hobart.
Early 1863: L H Lazarus advertised watches, clocks, guns, and other goods for sale at Franklin Wharf, Hobart.

October 1863: Mr L H Lazarus and his son left Hobart for Dunedin on the ship Isabella.
1867-1880: On electoral rolls in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Death 26 April 1880, Dunedin, New Zealand
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