JONES Charles Edward

Name Charles Edward JONES
Country Of Origin England
Born 1812
Died 1864
Birth/Baptism Born approx. 1812, Birmingham Warwickshire, England
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller, Silversmith
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart
44 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Murray Street, Hobart
56 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse 9 August 1841, St George’s Church, Hobart, to Mary Thompson,
Witnesses: William Cole and Martha Mary Thompson.
Trial 2 July 1832, Worcester City Quarter Sessions, England (alias Edward Darby)
Sentence Seven years transportation for stealing a codfish (accomplice of James Dilly) from the shop of William Hardman in the parish of St Swithin, The Shambles, Worcester. Charles was moved to the hulk Leviathan at Portsmouth before his departure for Van Diemen’s Land.
Arrival 1 February 1833 on the convict ship, Georgiana (2)
Police Number 626
Convict Assignment Approx. four years: David Barclay, watchmaker, Hobart.
Ticket of Leave
Conditional Pardon
Other Recorded as a jeweller and labourer on arrival in Van Diemen’s Land, initially assigned to clock and watchmaker David Barclay.

April 1833: Punished with 25 lashes for being out after hours with fellow watchmaker Archibald Simpson, also assigned to Barclay.
His convict conduct record contains many charges, including absence without leave, drunk and disorderly, assault, insolence, and misconduct. Punishments received included lashes, time on the treadwheel and public stocks, cell confinement on bread and water, and hard labour on road parties.

1837: Charged with having money and jewellery in his possession without explanation and sentenced to 12 months hard labour in chains.

1839: Free Certificate.
Approx. December 1839: Commenced business, 16 Liverpool Street, Hobart, advertised silver and jewellery manufacture and repair.
October 1840: Relocated business to 44 Liverpool Street, Hobart.

Approx. 1840-1841: Partnership with William Cole as watch and clockmakers, jewellers, silversmith, etc (Jones and Cole).
July 1841: Partnership dissolved.

August 1845: A newspaper report described Charles as a ‘clever actor, and worthy and respectable private citizen.’ Mrs Jones made her season debut as an actor at this time.

Approx. January 1848: Murray Street, Hobart.

1856: Opened the business ‘Jones’s Bazaar’ at 56 Liverpool Street, Hobart (previously Hood’s Picture Gallery) and recommenced working as a silversmith and jeweller, adding a photographic gallery.
1857: Advertised sale by auction of all his stock, including clocks, watches, jewellery, china, glass, toys, workboxes, panoramas, photographic views, and other goods.

Approx. 1858: Relocated to Sydney, New South Wales.

Other skills and positions: Actor, Theatre Administrator, Theatrical Agent, Treasurer of the Victoria Theatre

Death 14 June 1864, at his residence, Francis Street, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales.
TAHO: CON31/1/24, CON18/1/8, CON23/1/2, CON27/1/6, RGD37/1/2 no869 Marriage 1841.
Web: Founders & Survivors convict database.
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