HOGARTH George Burrow

Name George Burrow HOGARTH
Country Of Origin unknown
Born 1861
Died 1945
Birth/ Baptism Born approx. 1861
Parents William and Mary Ann Hogarth (formerly Edge)
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller, Optician
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
138 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse 1889, Victoria, to Beatrice Mary Finley Kongmeng (d. 1895).

1904, Victoria, to Alice Ada Thorpe

Other 1890: Purchased George Golding’s jewellery business, Hobart.

1892: Sentenced to imprisonment for 18 months for selling a gold plated ring to jeweller George Addis, presenting it as solid gold.

1893: Departed Tasmania for Victoria and worked in his trade in Melbourne and Mildura.

Death 22 June 1945, Ballarat, Victoria
Web: Ancestry: Australia Death Index 1945; Victoria, Australia Marriage Index 1889, 1904; Victoria, Australia Death Index 1895 [Beatrice Hogarth].
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