Name George HENWOOD
Country Of Origin unknown
Born 1818
Died 1858
Birth/ Baptism Born approx. 1818
Skills Clockmaker, Watchmaker
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
Other Other skills: Snake charmer, travelling watchmaker, salesman of Underwood’s snake antidote, exhibitor of snakes at inns, races, and other places.

George Henwood may be the convict who arrived on the York (2) in 1832.

Early 1850s: At Impression Bay for about five years while recovering from an injury to his left leg. On one occasion, he was sentenced to time in the cells for stealing the officer’s eggs or chickens to feed his snakes.

15 December 1858: While exhibiting a snake at Prince Albert Inn, New Town, George was bitten on the forefinger of his right hand. He applied the snake antidote he had great faith in into the wound, but the incident had fatal consequences. Dr James Eckford, a surgeon at the General Hospital, testified he had treated the same man at Impression Bay several years ago for a similar accident.

Death 20 December 1858, Her Majesty’s General Hospital, Hobart.
Inquest: Accidental death from the bite of a snake.
TAHO: RGD35/1/5 no1276 Death 1859; SC195/1/42 Inquest 4430 1858.
The Courier Hobart 18 April 1859, 24 December 1858; The Argus 2 April 1859.