HAMILTON Thomas (senior)

Name Thomas (senior) HAMILTON
Country Of Origin Scotland
Born 1800
Died 1865
Birth/Baptism Born 9 March 1800, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland
Parents John Hamilton
Apprenticeship Mr Grierson, Edinburgh, Scotland
Skills Clockmaker, Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
Liverpool Street, Hobart (two doors from Elizabeth Street)
37 Liverpool Street, Hobart (next to Mr James’s Spirit Store)
Marriage/Spouse m. Ann Howard, St George’s, Bloomsbury, London.
(Ann and one child in London at time of trial – Ann died in Hobart in 1850).

m. 8 March 1851, 36 Liverpool Street, Hobart, to Ann Giddings of Green Ponds (also known as Gray).

Trial 4 July 1831, High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Sentence Fourteen years transportation for three charges of theft
Arrival 22 March 1832 on the convict ship, Gilmore (1)
Police Number 1385
Convict Assignment David Barclay, watchmaker, Hobart
Ticket of Leave 15 May 1837
Conditional Pardon 1 July 1840
Other Late 1820s-early 1830s: Thomas conducted a jewellery and lapidary business in London.

14 July 1842: Free Pardon.
August 1842: Commenced business, Liverpool Street, Hobart.
Employee: James Rait (also assigned to David Barclay).
1842 Census: Residence 27 Liverpool Street, Hobart (owner, David Barclay)
5 September 1843: Absolute pardon.

October 1843: Moved business to 37 Liverpool Street, Hobart.
1848: Shop burglary
December 1849: Insolvency and sale of all stock.
1850s: Business at Liverpool Street.
June 1851: Burglary, business premises, Liverpool Street. Items stolen included a quantity of gold and silver watches, rings, pins, and jewellery items, valued at approximately £400 to £500. The police recovered all of the stolen property.

Approx. 1852-1857: Convict assignment, John Porter.
Approx. 1860s: Employee, Thomas Lee, clockmaker, watchmaker, jeweller.

1865: Following the death of Thomas, his widow Ann petitioned for probate to settle a dispute between two wills and Thomas Alfred junior. The court ruled in favour of Ann.

June 1865: James Rait, who had worked for Thomas Hamilton senior for about 21 years, left his employment and set up his own business at 94 Collins Street, Hobart.

1865- approx. October 1869: Widow Ann continued the business until her retirement.

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Death 17 January 1865, Liverpool Street, Hobart
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