GOLDING George Oldmeadow

Name George Oldmeadow GOLDING
Country Of Origin England
Born 1848
Died 1891
Birth/ Baptism Born 1848, Portsea, Hampshire, England
Parents John and Ann Golding
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart, Launceston
Street Address
Brisbane Street, Launceston
62 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse 13 April 1887, at Mr T Heathorn’s residence (Florence’s stepfather), Liverpool Street, Hobart, to Florence Bedlington Dodd Kemp.
Arrival 24 June 1853, Sydney, New South Wales, on the ship Malvina Vidal
Other By 1858: The Golding family relocated from New South Wales to Tasmania.

November 1877: Opened watchmaking and jewellery business in Brisbane Street, Launceston.

Tasmanian Evening Herald 9 February 1878:
‘Mr W Golding, jeweller, has erected in front of his establishment Brisbane Street a large double dial clock. The dials are black with gilt figures and will therefore be discernable at a great distance. Mr Golding is deserving of the thanks of the community, for placing a faithful record of time constantly before their eyes.’

June 1878: George Golding submitted the sole tender for maintenance and winding of the Launceston Town Clock; the council suggested he be offered £20 a year for three years. A few weeks later, George Golding advertised stopping the Town Clock for several days to undergo thorough repair.

Approx. January 1884: Watchmaker Powell Evans purchased the Launceston business.

Approx. May 1888: Opened business at 59 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.
March 1890: Sold Hobart business to George Hogarth.

1891: Proprietor, Melbourne Café, Liverpool Street, Hobart.
The Melbourne Café reopened a few days after George’s death, under the direct supervision of Mr Thomas Heathorn of Heathorn’s Hotel. However, by the end of November 1891, Florence Golding advertised the sale of the business due to her husband’s death.

Death 16 November 1891, at his residence Melbourne Café, 99 Liverpool Street, Hobart.
Cause of death: Influenza and phthisis (tuberculosis), recorded as a 42-year-old pastry cook.
TAHO: RGD37/1/46 no226 Marriage 1887, RGD35/1/13 no804 Death 1891, AD960/1/53 Will, Thomas Heathorn 1929.
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