DUGGAN Oswald Rollins

Name Oswald Rollins DUGGAN
Country Of Origin Australia
Born 1877
Died 1907
Birth/ Baptism Born 28 September 1877, Hobart
Parents Michael and Elizabeth Mary Ann Duggan (formerly McGaughan)
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker, Jeweller
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
333 Elizabeth Street, Hobart
118 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Other From approx. 1902: Advertised watchmaking and jewellery business, Watch Repair Depot, 118 Liverpool Street, Hobart.

January 1904: Bankruptcy. Creditors included W. Golding and Sons, watchmaker and jewellers, Liverpool Street, Hobart.

August 1904: Oswald’s father, Michael Duggan, instigated a prohibition order forbidding the supply of liquor to Oswald for 12 months.
1907: Reports regarding the inquiry into Oswald’s death mention that Charles Flint, watchmaker and jeweller, knew Oswald well.

Death 4 December 1907, at his residence, 18 Kelly Street, Hobart.
Cause of death: Inquest, self-administered poison
TAHO: RGD33/1/11/ no 3083 Birth 1877; SC84-1-226 No. 8/1904 Bankruptcy; POL709/1/35 1907 Inquest; SC195/1/78/12199 1907.
Clipper 221 June 1902, 28 June 1902; The Mercury (Hobart) 18 August 1904, 5 December 1907, 6 December 1907.