Country Of Origin Australia
Skills Watchmakers, Jewellers
Work Locations Hobart, Sorell
Street Address
6 Criterion Street, Hobart
Other 1912: Richard Darcey established an Optometrist and Jewellery business.
1966: Max and Gloria Dart purchased Darcey’s and renamed the business Darts Jewellers.

Their four children joined the family business; three daughters, Athalie, Erica, and Helen, as sales staff, and their son David as a watchmaker.

1984: Max and Gloria retired.

1984 – approx. 1994: Owners/Managers of Dart Jewellers, David John Dart, and Bianca Dart, followed by Athalie and Erica. When Athalie retired, Erica continued in the family business.

Approx. 2010: Darts opened a second store in Sorell, managed by Helen, and Athalie continued at the Hobart store.

From approx. 2004: Max and Gloria’s daughter Erica Dart and her partner Michael Granger owned the business.

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References David Dart to Hands of Time, August 2023.