Name Edward CASPER
Country Of Origin England
Born 1825
Died 1910
Birth/ Baptism Born approx. 1825, London, England
Parents Ellis and Elizabeth Casper
Skills Merchant, Business Partner
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
Burlington House, 38 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Marriage/Spouse 1855, Hobart, to Naomi Wertheimer
Other Merchant and business partner in Casper and Son and Casper and Wolff.

Approx. 1848-1852: Casper and Son, Burlington House, 38 Liverpool Street, Hobart.

Approx. 1852-1856: Casper and Wolff.

January 1852: Clock and watchmaker Ellis Casper retired and transferred his share of Casper and Son to his son Edward Casper. Edward announced entering partnership with Henry Wolff of Port Phillip. The firm regularly advertised to buy gold and old silver and sold general goods.

1856: Insolvency. The agents appointed to manage the estate held a public auction to sell the stock, including watches, jewellery, a watchmaker’s show glass, and other items.

Death 19 December 1910, London, England
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