Country Of Origin unknown
Born 1864
Died unknown
Birth/ Baptism Born approx. 1864
Parents unknown
Apprenticeship unknown
Skills Watchmaker
Work Locations Hobart
Street Address
Other Daily Telegraph 7 April 1887:
‘A shooting affray took place at the Marine Hotel this afternoon. It appears that a watchmaker named Henry Alexander went in and called for a drink. He afterwards pulled out a pocket revolver and pointed it at Mrs Bryceland, the landlady, and Miss Reason, her sister, who were standing behind the bar, remarking that it was loaded. Miss Reason took it out of his hand and threw it out of the doorway, when Alexander picked it up and fired two shots at the women. Miss Reason fainted, and it was found she had a wound on her hand, but it has not the appearance of a bullet wound. Alexander put the pistol in his pocket, and on his being arrested by Sergeant Filby it was found there with three chambers loaded. Alexander has been drinking heavily lately.’
The authorities charged Henry with discharging firearms in a public place. He pleaded not guilty and claimed it was accidental, but there was evidence to prove recklessness, and he was fined 40 shillings plus costs.

1892-1893: Henry was charged with drunkenness and obscene language, gaoled on each occasion for 14 days, and fined.

Death unknown
TAHO: GD63/1/1 1892; The Tasmanian 16 April 1887.